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Fennel Fee Schedule

Commission: Fennel does not charge commission for trades.
Subscription: Fennel charges $4.99 per month after a free trial period of 30 days.
These are the standard fees that are charged on trades by the SEC and FINRA to recover the costs of supervising and regulating firms. This includes costs associated with performing examinations, financial monitoring, and FINRA’s policy, rulemaking, interpretive, and enforcement activities.
  • Fennel Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) fee: This fee is levied on all security sales. The current rate is $5.10 for every $1,000,000 in sale proceeds. For a rough calculation of this fee, multiply $0.0000051 times your sale proceeds. Sale Proceeds = $10,000. Current SEC fee rate = $0. 0000051 ($5.10 per $1 million in sale proceeds). Total SEC fee = $0.051 ($10,000 x $0. 0000051 = $0.051).
  • Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) transaction fee (TAF):This fee is charged on all covered stock and ETF sales at a rate of $0.000119 per share.
Transaction Type Fee Charge
401k Annual Maintenance (per account) $250.00
990-T Return, Preparation, and Filing $150.00
ACATS - Internal $75.00
ACATS - Outgoing Non-Retirement $75.00
ACATS - Outgoing Partial $75.00
ACATS - Outgoing Retirement $75.00
ACH Notice of Change/Correction $5.00
ADR Cancellation / Creation $200 per transaction plus agent cable fees
Alternative Investment Cancel Correction $10.00
Alternative Investment Fee $30.00
Alternative Investment Subscription Fees $250.00
Alternative Investment Trade $50.00
Alternative Investment-Receive/Deliver (delinking/link) $30.00
Blue Sheet Research Requests (per request) $25.00
Broker Requested statement copies $5.00
Cashless ESOP $300.00
Check Copies $15
Customer Verification - Domestic (per inquiry) $1.00
Customer Verification - International (per inquiry) $2.00
Data Management Research Requests (Hourly, 2 hour minimum) $150.00
Death Put $100.00
Dividend Check (per item) $5.00
DK Interest Rate (Domestic) EFF + 500 BPS
DK Item Fee (per item) $20.00
DTC Delivery (per security) $25.00
DWAC (per event) $100.00
DWAC / DRS reject $125.00
Employee Stock Option Plan $100.00
Escheatment Paper Letter Notice (per envelope) $2.00
Escheatment Processing (per account) $75.00
Fail Financing (Foreign) 20%
Foreign Free Receives/Delivers $35.00
Foreign Security Transfer Fee $50.00
Historical Statements/Confirms $150.00
Inaccurate or Missing Trade Files $500.00
Incoming Wire Transfers (Domestic) $8.00
Incoming Wire Transfers (Foreign) $14.00
Limited Partnerships / Private Placements - safekeeping (per month) $25.00
Limited Partnerships / Private Placements [3] $250.00
NYSE Extensions (per item) $25.00
Manual Account Closure Fee $5.00
Margin Sell out fee (per ticket) $25.00
Non Transferable Stocks (per month, per security) $10.00
NSCC illiquidity charge $250.00
Outgoing Wire Transfers (Domestic) $25.00
Outgoing Wire Transfers (Foreign) $45.00
Overdraft/Use of Apex Funds/Day Loans 10%
Overnight Mail - Domestic (per request) $50.00
Overnight Mail - International/Canada (per request) $100.00
Paper Check Draft/regular mail - domestic $5.00
Paper Check Draft/regular mail - international $10.00
Paper Confirm Fee (Retail Paper Only) (per confirm) $2.00
Paper Prospectus Fee (Domestic) $2.50
Paper Prospectus Fee (Foreign) $8.50
Paper Prospectus Fee Per Line (Domestic) $2.50
Paper Prospectus Fee Per Line (Foreign) $8.50
Paper Statement Fee (Retail Paper Only) (per statement) $5.00
Paper Tax Statement Fee (Retail Paper Only) (per statement) $5.00
Physical cert request from electronic shares $900.00
Physical trade settlement fee $300.00
Physicals Deposit Domestic $300.00
Physicals Deposit Foreign $350.00
Physicals Foreign Accommodation Transfer $350.00
Prepayment - ($20.00 if amount is less than $10,000. If amount is over $10,000, 0.2% of unsettled amount) $20.00 if amount is less than $10,000. If amount is over $10,000, 0.2% of unsettled amount
Proxy Voting (Foreign): ICSD - All Other Custody Local Settlement Zones $250.00
Proxy Voting (Foreign): ICSD - Euroclear and ClearStream $125.00
Reorg Physical Processing Fee $125 plus transfer agent fees
Reorg Wire Fee (domestic) $25.00
Reorg Wire Fee (international) $50.00
Reorganization Activity - domestic voluntary/Post actionable reorgs - per CUSIP, per account $50.00
Reorganization Activity - international voluntary/Post actionable reorgs - per CUSIP, per account $100.00
Retirement Plan Services Annual Maintenance (per account) $20.00
Retirement Plan Services Termination Fee (per event) $60.00
Return Mail (per piece) $2.00
Returned ACH (per return) $30.00
Returned Checks/Wires and Recalls (including amendment repairs) $30.00
S3 Execution Portal Access Terminal $500.00
Safekeeping - Lost Certificate Replacement 3% of cert value 250.00 min. 3% of cert value (250 min)
Safekeeping - Monthly (per account, per CUSIP) $5.00
Safekeeping - Withdrawals (per withdrawal) $60.00
Short Forced Buy In fee (per ticket) $25.00
Split Settlement (Euroclear/DTCC) $75.00
Statement Inserts (per acct, per month) $0.25
Statement or Confirm Logo Revision/Client Changes $500.00
Stop Payments on Apex Issued Checks $30.00
Tax Form 5498 $5.00
Third Party Distribution Notification $2.00
Transfers - Accommodation (DRS) (per security) $115.00
Transfers - Accommodation T & S (per security) $235.00
Transfers - Legal (per security) $150.00
Transfers - Restricted (per security) $465.00
Transfers - Rush T & S Premium (per security) $350.00
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