Hi, we’re Fennel.

We created Fennel to bring power back to retail investors.
Before Fennel, we were just an eclectic group of people — activists, financial professionals, developers, grad students, and retail investors — but the current financial system left us all feeling jaded.
Investing platforms profit off payment for order flow, securities lending, and selling user data. And these platforms were able to turn off trades like they did during the GameStop saga. The system was rigged. We wanted an investing platform where the cards weren’t stacked against us.
So, we built our own.
Fennel is the investing app that we wish we had — a brokerage that prioritizes retail investors and is enjoyable to use.
On top of that, Fennel provides Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) tools and shareholder voting information to let everyday people know how the companies we invest in impact the world.
Corporations play a huge role in our society, so it’s important for us to engage with them. ESG and shareholder voting are a direct line for investors to hold companies accountable.
Our goal is to make it easier for people like you and me to engage with the companies they invest in. This way, we, as shareholders, can advocate for everyone who has a stake in the game — from workers, to investors, to the rest of our global community.
The engaged shareholder movement is here. Will you be a part of it?
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